About ONESMO:-Onesmo Rwebugisa Selestin  born on 24.4.1972 in Nyamunda Hamlet  WITHIN Buyego village. He is second born in the family with 5 siblings.

Educated up to standard seven 1989 , then joined  Vocation Training  from 1990 to 1992 at Bikamanya Developing Association situated at Kagondo Hospital Muleba District.

1996 got married to his first wife up to now they have three children.

Due economic status he was not succeeded to join high education. Employed by  ELCT/NWD Ndolage Hospital in 1997 as Medical attendant

Working Experience: – 23 years experience as medical attendant Onesmo is now an expert in patient care, administration of IV drips as well and highly experience on canulation and tracing vein for children and new born babies and adults.

He is very keen and wants  to learn new things, a good follower after being assignment

Able to manage the pediatric ward alone in a good way without demanding help.

Active in case of emergencies.  Called to another department for help.

Means of identification: Onesmo he was Identify by Hospital management  and allocated to practice physiotherapy services together with Mr. Melchior Rweikiza. When the team of Specialist Doctors and Physiotherapyst from Germany come to Our Hospital in march 2019.

He was a good learner and Dan, Dr Guido and Susanne appreciated his  punctuality  and eager to learn .He was directed on how to assist client on physiotherapy services, to use different items used in physiotherapy and client evaluation .

He was offered a testimony together with Mr. Rweikiza  and the team from Germany suggested that Onesmo could do much better in palliative care department. There he could have time to meet palliative care client in the community and at facility level.

Also they suggested that he could be the first beneficiary to attend the introductory course which will be held at Sellian Arusha according to budget allocation (October 2020)

A ward from fellow staff  with Onesimo.

Currently he is  great help to patient especially those Children with Cerebral Palsy.

We appreciate the support to Onesimo to go to Sellian for Palliative care introductory course  this will help him to gain more experience of physiotherapy in relation with palliative care.

Onesmo bei der Arbeit

Der Bericht wurde von Amelia Musikampingo der Leiterin des Palliative Care Project erfasst.

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