About the patient: Mectirida Augustine  aged 68 years old. Living in Mbale Hamlet  within Bulamula village. Educated up to standard eight ,married and got 3 children. Her Husband died due to unknown illness 2006, and her second born died in the same year.

She was among of the first patient affected from HIV  and there were no ART(Antiretroviraltherapy) . At that time she was in a critical condition. She was admitted in Hospital and after being tested she was discharged for home core. There was no hope for cure. At home she collapses  several times and  recovered. Finally she refused to eat and developed self stigma and wanted to die because of pain.

History of the disease: In 2006 after being diagnosed  she was very sick. And started ART on 23.04.2006 but she was sometimes hiding the medication under the mattress. Condition goes more worse day and night. During that time the Home based care services was provided by AIDS CONTROL PROGRAM under North Western diocese. They visited her but  she didn’t  follow what was told, she continued to hide the drugs under the mattress .

In 2008 when palliative care initiated at Ndolage Hospital, she was visited by the team and holistic counseling was done. She regained slowly and accepted to take her ART regularly.

As the time goes, she improved slowly  from bed ridden to ambulatory  and finaly  was able to cultivate some food material for family use .

Means of identification: She was identified during case finding from CTC when palliative care initiated at Ndolage hosptial.

Findings from the physical examination: During the first visit she was very  weak , loss of body weight (skin to born) enable to move from the bed ,crying and loss of hope

Plan of care and services offered.

Due to psychological and physical pain we started with muscle reluctant to make her to rest a bit. Diazepam  5 mg was given at start then to continue at a few hours of sleep for 3 days . After 2 hours we left the patient and promise the family members  that we will come to see her on  the following day. On next day she was a bit calm and able to express herself.

She was counseled and advised to take drugs according to instruction .After good drug adherence she improved speedily and gain her body weight.

Current situation: Mectrida now she is a palliative care client and counselor to other  .She is our community ambassador on how somebody can die due to stigma. Drug adherence, good nutrition and treatment of opportunistic infection  patient may live longer.

A word from Mectrida: “I appreciated the service provided by Ndolage Hospital Palliative Care Team. I was half died due to fear and self stigma. My parents were much worried due to my  condition. Neighbours didn’t came to visit due to fear of being infected by HIV/AIDS .

I decided to hide drugs so as I can die quickly. But when my guardian angels came from Ndolage, they make me live longer. Now I am 14 years living with HIV/AIDS.

I am completely physically fit, able to cultivate food material for my family. I am living happily with my neighbour and all family members .

To be HIV positive it is not the end of life. Drug adherence, good nutrition and exercise including social interaction to change ideas with others. Removes fear and living positive with HIV/AIDS. „

Ein Bericht von Amelia Musikampingo, der Leiterin des Palliative Care Projects.

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